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The Electro Pop, is the freak and crazy version of Pop, is his face underground.

L’Electropop, è la versione freak e folle del Pop, è il suo volto sotterraneo.

The group was formed in 2013, when Frank Rossano met Andrew Naty. They were both electronic music lovers and they decided to start a band to play covers of electronic pop/disco music from the 70s and 80s. They called themselves Equinox and they performed tracks by artists such as Moroder, Parsons, Jean-Michel Jarre, Space and Tangerine Dream. The first live video online quickly got numerous views. Claude Lemoine, who was the producer of the French space rock band “Rockets”, took an interest in the group and arranged a meeting with them in Italy. They first met in Treviso, where Rossano and Naty live. Lemoine was impressed with the quality of the band’s work and he advised them to go into the studio to record an album. Rossano and Naty set to work with the sound engineer (and current member of the band) Mauro Morry Fiorin in a studio in Mestre (Venice), where the entire album was recorded, mixed and mastered. As the project was taking shape, they decided to look for a female singer and frontwoman for the vocal tracks. The choice fell on Lucy Mantha, a young science fiction, UFO and futurism enthusiast. As well as singing, Mantha ending up writing the lyrics for the album. Having been discovered by the renowned producer, the band embarked on an independent study and experimentation process in preparation for their first piece of work.

The name of the band was changed from Equinox to EkynoxX both due to market requirements and because it was deemed an original epithet.

The group’s electronic sound combines aspects that are reminiscent of styles from the past with a totally contemporary, unprecedented approach… The cornerstone of the band’s work is originality.


The equinox is the occasion that separates the seasons: the winter from the spring and the summer from the autumn. It happens twice a year, when the sun is exactly overhead on the equatorial line. In this singular situation, the day is split into two perfect halves: the number of hours of light and darkness are exactly the same. It is the point in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun in which the latter is precisely above the equator, leading to striking natural phenomena.

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